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Hi, Let me introduce myself

Welcome here. This is my very first post about who am I, why I’ve started blogging and how can I help you to grow your business online.

This blog was made for you...

Are you an entrepreneur about to grow online, the owner of an SME, who can’t afford a full-time marketing professional or simply a self-made woman (or man) who need a little – or maybe a bit more – help with online marketing to succeed? Welcome here!

I hope you are here because you’re about to learn stuff, like how to build up the online presence of your business, create a brand identity or grow your brand on social media. If you feel lost in the world of online marketing and you need someone to help you understand it I’m your woman.

Who am I?

I am Reka. Marketing and PR consultant, first-time blogger, stand-up comedy and Star Wars fan and someone who believes that creativity and being organized can go hand-in-hand. With over 6 years of experience in many sides of online marketing such as social media, branding, web design and -development, product marketing and PR. I’ve helped companies from micro to multinational ones with wildly different profiles to strengthen their relationship with their customers, make their first steps or expand online.

The reason I've started blogging

 I love my profession and enjoy learning new trends and tools – and share my thoughts about them. Luckily, I usually have the opportunity to do so, as not only my clients but also my friends turn to me for marketing advice. They are (without question) amazingly smart people, with deep knowledge in their field – and with no clue on how marketing works 🙂 Their questions inspired me to start this blog, but the final push for the launch was when I started to work with my father. He owns VECOSYS, a small company selling traffic and access control solutions.

From having no social media activities, an unflattering website and lack of proper brand identity we went having a new site (complemented by his business partners), a brand identity which express the company values and a positive attitude, which resulted in him started to learn about LinkdIn, creating creative posts and became proud of the online presence of his company. All this in just 7 months

 – which sounds even more amazing for me knowing how old-school is my dad can be. So, I thought if I could help him reach that, I should do it with others.

I’ve started blogging because I hope I can help and teach YOU – and give myself the pleasure to challenge my knowledge in the field of blogging. Also, to have fun, because nothing worth to do it if you don’t enjoy it 😉

Why You should stick around

 If you keep following me, you’ll read valuable to the point articles that help you create your online marketing presence, deal with social media (especially with Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest), teaches you about branding and provide you technical tips.

If you follow me you’ll find new articles every two week. I hope soon I can provide you with free guides on topics you are interested in the most.

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The future

I’m really looking forward having enough resource to create video content and offer you one-on-one consulting service. But my biggest dream is to offer you my own online courses.

update (12.09.2018)

I’m more than happy to announce that my resources page has launched with 3 amazing freebies and my first free email course is on the way.

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