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How to customize the Facebook page Call To Action button

One of the most visible buttons on your page is the CTA or Call To Action button below your cover photo on the right side. By default, it is usually Send Message and you may not know it can be changed – but it can.

Let's choose

The possibilities

Make a booking with you
 – Book Now
 – Contact you

Call Now
 – Send Message
 – Send Email
 – Contact Us
 – Sign Up

Learn more about your business
 – Watch Video
 – Learn More

Shop with you or make a donation
 – Shop Now
 – See Offers

Download your app or play your game
 – Use App
 – Play Game

How to decide

Ask yourself what action you want from your visitor. Wisit your site? Contact you or sign up to your newsletter? Don’t forget, that the names can’t be changed…

As my site has just launched I will choose the Learn More option and add the URL of my website, so if anyone clicks on the button they will be redirected to


1) Click on the current button and choose Edit button

2) Choose from the main categories. (I chose Learn more about your business.)

3) Choose the subcategory

4) Click on Webiste link – in my case – or choose from the list in other cases, like Book Now

5) Add link and click on Save.

6) Click on Finish and you are ready

TAKE NOTE: Facebook creates a post on your wall about the change you’ve made. If you don’t want to leave it there don’t forget to delete it.

Subscribe and get access to the collection of my free downloadables