[ep 4] What is lead nurturing?

About this episode:

Before you try to sell anything to a lead you need to build trust, educate them about your offer and help them with their decision, in other words, you need to nurture them. The question now is how to nurture leads? You can start by segmenting your leads based on buyer persona, interest, behaviour or campaign. Then send them to the relevant nurture track.

[ep 4] What is lead nurturing?
[ep 4] What is lead nurturing?

About the podcast:

BiteSize Marketing is a new video and podcast series by Reka Veszeli. A show designed to teach you the basics of marketing faster than you would eat a cookie. The show is designed to teach you the basics of marketing in short bite-size episodes.

Each episode is about 3 minutes long, which is just enough to get familiar with the most important phrases and tools you might need in your marketing journey.

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I’m Reka Veszeli. Marketing Specialist, first-time blogger. A huge stand-up comedy and Star Wars fan and someone who believes that creativity and being organized can go hand in hand.

With almost 10 years of experience in many fields of marketing such as in social media, branding, design & digital project management, product marketing and PR, I  have helped companies, from micro to multinationals with wildly different profiles, to strengthen their relationship with their customers, make their first steps or expand online.

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