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I’m Reka,

Marketing and PR consultant, first-time blogger. A huge stand-up comedy and Star Wars fan and someone who believes that creativity and being organized can go hand in hand.

With over 6 years of experience in many fields of marketing such as social media, branding, design and digital project management, product marketing and PR I’ve helped companies from micro to multinational ones with wildly different profiles to strengthen their relationship with their customers and make their first steps or expand online.

RekaVeszeli_marketing_branding_social_media chair

2009 – 2013

The beginning of the journey: PR, university and the smell of french fries

My first love was PR

I still remember the moment when we met first: I was about 16 sitting in the huge round table at my parent’s house when my dad arrived from a workshop he attended. He started to talk about a presentation – performed by a PR professional.

I felt like – I found it! That’s what I want to do!

As there were no dedicated PR majors in Hungary back then I’ve started learning Social Studies in 2009 and Communication in 2010. Also, I’ve started my “career” at McDonald’s. Like two universities wouldn’t be enough for me 🙂

My first internship at MorphoCom

After 1,5 year I was just fed up with the constant smell of oil, a job, that has nothing to do with my passion, waking up at 5 o’clock or working 8 hours after school, so I quit. It was time to find a job, that fits me.

That’s how I ended up at MorphoCom in 2011 as a PR intern, taking my first professional steps working with clients like Dell, Apple, Noreg, Huawei or OKI.

I got my two Bachelor's degrees in 2013

and I was about to figure out the next step. The blind love for PR slowly started to fade away and turned into a friendship – instead of a lifelong commitment.

Life as an Account Manager

So, I went with the flow and became an Account Manager. In this 2,5 years working at a web design & development company I’ve learnt more about websites, design and branding than ever before, and formed an amazing friendsip there. Furthermore I’ve learnt what it really means to be obsessed with your customer’s needs.

Understanding a customer’s needs and transforming it into the result they were looking for requires patience, the right set of communication skills and a proactive mindset – spiced up with some magic ; )

Knowing that our most profitable and honoured customer – a German multinational pharmaceutical company – has been satisfied with me and invited me to their office 2 times, I dare to say it, that I am jolly good with customers.

Oh, did I mentioned that I worked mostly with the marketing department of that company? Yep.

Marketing: the love of my life

This is how I fell in love for the second time – this time with marketing. So in 2015 I went back to university.

I received my Marketing Master’s in 2016 and a few months later I’ve started working with OKI.

2013 – 2016

Finding my true passion and getting my MSc in Marketing

2016 – 2019

Looking after a whole country’s marketing activities and starting my blog

Marketing and PR Consultant for OKI

For almost 3 years I was responsible for co-ordinating all marketing- and PR-related activities in the Hungarian market for OKI. This included budget planning, managing social media platforms and promotions, organizing partner events, creating newsletters and many other tasks I loved.

Why I've started a blog?

Because I’ve always aimed for more and I believe I can help YOU to achieve your goals too – and give myself the pleasure to challenge my knowledge in a new field and to have fun!

Since my first internship, I’ve been the go-to marketing person for all my friends when it comes to marketing, professional communication and career advice. I’ve always loved supporting others, but I only decided to finally start a blog after I helped my father build the online presence of his company.

I had started my blog after I was helping my father  build the online presence of his company. I’ve realised, that when it comes to marketing and branding people are not looking for fancy models and 100+ books, but real and actually useful tips and help.

Moving to Ireland

Moving to Ireland was a long-time dream of mine. I’m lucky enough to have a husband who shared this dream with me, so after almost 2 years of planning we decided to move. He got a job at the end of 2018 and

I got my offer from NGINX in February 2019

A few weeks later I was in Cork and a new phase of my life has started…

2019 – 

Moving to Ireland and joining an amazing company