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5 reasons why you need a professional email address

As a new business owner, you have plenty to do – I know – and getting a personalized email address might seem like another task on that long list, that doesn’t even worth the effort, but trust me it does. Having a branded email address offers you several advantages, so I’ve collected the top five to convince you.

branded professional email address

1) Make your first impression count

An email can be the first impression of you, and probably you want to make it as professional as possible. A generic address suggests, that you are not a professional blogger, an entrepreneur or a small enterprise owner, only an enthusiastic fellow who has a part-time passion. Nice image, but I’m pretty sure it’s not how you want to be pictured in your future customers’ mind. 

2) Build trust

One of the first things that make me uncertain about contacting a business for their services or products is when I see their email address is or

A branded email can be encouraging by giving the sense of security and the picture of a serious business. Let’s be honest. Whom would you rather trust – and send money or personal data? A random gmail address or to a professional one? Exactly…

3) It is easily available and inexpensive​

There are multiple ways to get a professional email address. It can be provided by your hosting / website / domain provider or you can choose other solutions – like G Suite. No matter which one you prefer it will probably took you less than 15 minutes and about 0 to 5 EUR per month. Not a big deal, right?

Do you want to know how to get an inexpensive personalized email address in just minutes? Check out my post: How to get an inexpensive branded email address with G Suite

4) Standardized email addresses

It seems like a good idea to have a generic address for your business – until you need a second one. By having a branded address, you can standardize your email accounts. You can provide separate email address to every colleague of yours (like or to every department (sales@). This method also can be useful if you have a newsletter (newsletter@) or special promotions (promotion@ or 2for1@)

Example: Currently we are using as a general contact address and for GDPR and privacy related questions or support requests.

This way no matter how fast your business grows or how the customer needs changes you will be able to keep pace with it and maintain the professional look all the way long.

5) Brand awareness

And last, but not least: never forget about branding. You should be proud of your company and you should promote that – not a mail provider. Your contact info is one of the most important and essential part of your business. Don’t neglect it.

This article is not a sponsored content. I haven’t been hired or paid to recommend G Suite or any other email provider.