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What's the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

and which one to choose to win customers

Inbound and Outbound (or traditional) are two main strategies in marketing. They define your relationship with your customers and the marketing tools you’re using. I’ll help you understand the difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing and why most modern companies focus on inbound strategies.

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Outbound marketng

Outbound or traditional marketing is a tactic when companies push their messages through various channels for a large number of people to make them buy their product or service.

How outbound marketing works

It works kind of like a speaker: it’s a non-interactive, one-way communication, that interrupts the content you are consuming. It pushes the same messaging to everyone and the sole purpose of this message is to sell.

Where you can see it

It usually appears in a form of TV ads, billboards, online pop-up ads, telemarketing, trade shows, magazine or newspaper ads.

BiteSize, bite-size, snackable, marketing, marketing tips, basics of marketing
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Inbound marketng

On the other hand, inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to your offers via content marketing, social media efforts, search engine optimisation and branding.

Inbound marketing in action

It is similar to a magnet. Ideally, it pulls potential customers in and it requires interaction between the two parties. The concept behind it is that by providing educational content, your business become known and trusted and potential customers will come to you in their own will, interested in you.

the forms of inbound marketing

Most commonly you see it in a form of a blog, educational video content – either on your website or on YouTube – a webinar or helpful downloadables. Opt-in emails also considered as inbound strategy as subscription is voluntary. Your social media efforts, search engine optimisation and pay per click ads are part of this category too.

BiteSize, bite-size, snackable, marketing, marketing tips, basics of marketing
Infographic by Reka Veszeli

The final countdown: Outbound vs Inbound

As I mentioned in the intro most brands nowadays focus on inbound strategies. (It is probably not a surprising statement if you follow my blog , video or podcast series.)There are several reasons for that, but I highlighted the main three.

  • It is cheaper than traditional marketing
  • It provides you with better quality leads
  • It is designed for long-term growth as it helps you build brand loyalty that will fuel future purchases too

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